You Can’t Lead From the Back

This past weekend I was able to spend a couple of hours in my kayak on a small pond surrounded by the simple sounds of birds, ducks and the new calves. My best intentions say that I will spend more time returning to this space of silence and rest, It feels so nurturing. I breathe more fully and I can feel my muscles relax as the time floats by. The rhythmical sound of the paddle moving through the water quiets the constant chatter in my mind. It is only then that I notice how tense I have been these past weeks; emotional and feeling as if I carry the weight of all of our “kids” on my shoulders. My heart hurts for the families displaced by fires and my head has held a constant tension for families who have suffered in this challenging economy. It has affected the way I have envisioned our business. Suddenly, I had become fearful and wondering how to persevere through these times.

My “lesson from the pond” revealed a truth only seen from a calm, relaxed mind. I was watching and smiling at a mother duck leading her ducklings across the pond. One would fall behind and then turn on the “turbo” to catch up with its siblings without any guidance or pressure from the mother duck. And then I realized, a true leader doesn’t lead from the back. A good leader holds a vision and stays course. Having calm faith and strength encourages others to follow, believing in the direction. I have always led from my heart, believing in our mission to create a space for children of all ages and abilities to grow, learn and become empowered. I believe in truly supporting families to connect on a stronger and deeper level. And, I believe that when we create these spaces and we increase understanding, we create stronger, more supportive communities. I am choosing to stay course, to nurture myself and to trust that we are on the right path and that it will all work out even when storms come through.

Our team has been collaborating, dreaming and visioning again. We have made a few changes for the summer and fall plans in hopes to reach more kids and make our programs even more available to families. We hope you will be as excited about the plans as we are!

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