Consistency Counts

Lose 10 pounds in 10 days without going to the gym!
Make $100,000 in your PJs without leaving your couch!
Potty train your child in 24 hours without stress!

We are living in a world of quick fixes and immediate results.  I think it’s really hurting us and our kids.

When I see a picture of a woman who has the perfect “beach” body, I feel fat and lazy.
When I see the smiling faces of the new millionaire, vacationing in their new beach house, I feel like a failure in my business.
When I hear the stories of how we can change our children’s “behaviour” in 24 hours or less, my heart hurts for every parent out there who is struggling and feeling overwhelmed.

Every one of these stories tells us that if we just gave a little,
it would be easy, immediate and we would have everything we ever wanted.

It is all lies. No one in history lost 10 pounds in 10 days, returned to their old habits of fast food and a sedentary lifestyle and was healthy. No parent has taught their child a new skill, grabbed a coffee and a book and never returned to it again to have that learning and growth flourish on its own.

As an occupational therapist, I used to hear stories about how a child was struggling at home or in the classroom and feel the expectation to find a solution to that challenge in an hour or less. If I couldn’t help solve the problem, I felt incompetent and this doubt would spread to the parent or teacher who then felt hopeless and discouraged. What if we never get where we need to be.

We have to quit believing all of the quick fixes.

There are no instant solutions or overnight magic concoctions to create the life of our dreams.
We must stop believing that we don’t have to do the work.
If our goals are worth it, if we want long term change, we must do the work.

We must do the work when we are tired…
We must do the work when we don’t feel like it….
We must do the work when someone else tells us it is a horrible idea that will never work…
Most of all, we must do the work when we don’t feel confident,


John Maxwell said it so well in this simple statement. Your goals will not be met in a day but when you take one small step over and over again, you will create movement in the direction of your goals. And over time, when you keep taking those steps, you will create momentum and this is where the true magic seems to happen.

There are people that are very successful that run home based businesses, but they do the work and they work hard. They take steps every day.

There are people that get healthy and lose weight. There are ways to change the way your body looks in 10 days but they’re not long lasting. True health comes with dedication to our physical bodies, our minds and our hearts over years.

And I can tell you without a doubt that we can create incredible changes for children and families by taking small, deliberate steps with intention and focus.

The very best part of my job is getting to really listen, observe and understand the strengths and challenges a family or child is facing and then creating a plan together.

It starts with understanding and then we move to creating a plan comprised of small steps towards a common goal.

We collaborate, we review and reflect and we keep moving together.

This journey of life is not simple but in small consistent habits we can create connections, meet big goals and feel supported as we move through it together.

If you take one step towards your goal today,
and you take one step towards your goal tomorrow,
and you stay consistent, you stay on the path for the things that really matter, you will gain momentum.
That’s how you get huge results.

“The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tsu

If we don’t see immediate results or big gains right away and we get overwhelmed, we often give up and quit.
This guarantees that we will stay right where we are or may even slide backwards.

I don’t want that for you or for our kids.
I want to show them the way. I want to show them that if we keep showing up, we will get there but the road will not be easy.
But it will be worth it.

When we keep taking one step at at time, we can climb mountains and we can accomplish our wildest dreams.

Click HERE for the Consistency Counts Checklist.

This is a one page list of 12 simple habits that when done consistently hold incredible power to change your life. Start small with one or two and add more as it feels right for you.

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