10 Ideas to Rock a Snow Day

After -40 temperatures and days of hibernation, you are probably getting a little stir crazy. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Grab a coffee and let us give you some ideas to survive the cold snap.

1. Have a DANCE PARTY! You don’t need to listen to Baby Shark again, put on some of your old favorites and dance it out with your kids.

2. Make forts in the house and have a picnic in them.

3. Dig out some board games and play with your kids.

4. Grab a pile of recycling, tape, glue and some scissors and let the kids create a marble maze or another amazing invention.

5. Make an obstacle course or maze in the house. Painters tape on the floor works great to make a maze. The kids can move through it in different ways – walk backwards, walk like a bear on your hands and feet or maybe try a crab walk.

6. Bake together – did you know the smell of baking and the heavy muscle work of stirring can help regulate children’s nervous systems.

7. Invite the neighbors over for PJs and pancakes. Stay cozy in your jammies, get some adult time and keep meals simple.

8. Pull an air mattress into the living room, snuggle up and watch a movie. Try to avoid watching too much TV or screens as it can make us grumpy.

9. Read a book together, take turns reading a funny book with an older child.

10. Do a fun experiment – I’ve seen people freezing their clothes in under a minute outside or try the boiling water toss (ADULTS only) and have your kids watch from inside. You could add colors to the water and get creative.


We can choose to see snow days as interruptions to our lives or we can embrace the extra time. Let go of the cleaning and the chores.


“To do lists don’t make memories.”

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