Family Supports for Children with Disabilities – Specialized Services

Specialized services may be provided within Family Supports for Children with Disabilities. When your child receives specialized services, a team of health professionals work directly with them. This specialized services team works with you to determine the best ways to help your child learn skills and participate in everyday routines.

Your child’s team may include:

  • a physical therapist
  • a speech-language pathologist *
  • an occupational therapist *
  • a psychologist *
  • a behavioural specialist
  • an aide
  • a coordinator *
*Services that may be provided by To the Stars Wellness Team.
As a parent or guardian, you decide how much you are involved with your child’s specialized services. Your decision can change over time. While you are not expected to become a therapist to your child, you may choose to:
  • be in the room or participate when the team is working with your child
  • continue to practice skills with your child between meetings with your team
As a caregiver or parent, you are encouraged to:
  • determine which specialized service providers you want to work with. We are able to work with other agencies if you would like. You do not need to have all providers from one agency.
  • ask what specialized services will look like and how this type of support will fit your priorities and goals
  • ask questions and provide feedback to your team.

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