R n R group (Regulation and Relationships) ~ Ages: 12+

This group is for kids who are a bit older and ready to learn ways to manage their own feelings and reactions. We will learn how our brains and bodies work together and what happens when we feel anxious, overwhelmed or angry. We will learn ways to regulate our bodies to access the best parts of our thinking brains. We will combine cognitive or thinking strategies with regulation to help participants learn how to navigate and succeed in social situations.

This groups would be a great fit for kids who may:

  • Feel uncomfortable in group situations and want to learn ways to manage overwhelm
  • Become angry or lose control when they feel misunderstood
  • Are wanting to learn ways to be more independent in managing their emotions and reactions

NOTE: This group is not appropriate for kids who require individual support to be part of a group. Please contact our office to inquire about the best fit for your child.

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