School Based Support

We are thrilled to partner with several school teams throughout Central Alberta. Our school based, occupational therapy services help support meaningful inclusion of all students. Our focus is to increase student’s ability to participate in classroom and school based activities. We may support specific development of skills, modification of tasks or adjusting the classroom environment to build student success. This can include a wide array of supports and areas of interest.

We will take time to observe and collaborate with the learning team to understand students’ strengths and areas of need before providing strategies. This may include both formal and informal assessment and evaluations. We will then provide suggestions to help meet your needs.

We can address:

  • Attention, focus and sensory processing. We will look at how students engage with their learning environment. Are they easily distracted by movement, noises or visual clutter? Are they difficult to engage or get lost in their “own world”? Sensory strategies may be explored to help children feel more comfortable and ready to learn.
  • Self care. These are all of the skills we need to look after ourselves. It may include dressing skills, feeding or toileting.
  • Organization and planning – keeping materials organized, being on time, completing tasks, transitioning between activities
  • Play skills – This one of the most important occupations of a child, requiring complex thinking, emotional processing and physical skill. Play requires self regulation and the ability to compromise with others. It involves creative and flexible thinking. It also requires physical skill, coordination and balance. Our goal in therapy is to make it fun whenever possible to help support children in this very important skill.
  • Fine motor development. (managing fasteners, using scissors, coloring, drawing, grasp development, printing skills) 
  • Visual motor skills. This refers to the ability to look, perceive and imitate. This is a foundation for many types of learning; including reading and printing. We look at imitation through movement games, drawing tasks and play to ensure that children are developing this important area for eye hand coordination, visual attention and perception.
  • Visual perception – This area looks at how children interpret and understand what they see. This may be linked to attention, reading skills and social development.

Our occupational therapy team offer classroom based consultation, individual programming and workshops to help support your school teams.

Referrals for school based programming are received from the school divisions with consent required from parents/legal guardians.

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