Speech Therapy

Does your child have difficulty:
  • listening and understanding spoken language
  • using words to communicate their thoughts and ideas
  • using language in social situations,
  • pronouncing some speech sounds compared to other children their age
  • with stuttering


  • may be provided together with other services, such as Occupational Therapy or Psychology
  • may include assessment, consultation, treatment, follow-up, and co-ordination of services
  • can be provided on an individual or in small groups
  • may be provided within the clinic, community or home setting (additional costs for travel may be incurred)
Our Speech and Language therapist partners with families and other health care providers to support children who have trouble communicating due to speech, language, voice, stuttering, or swallowing concerns. Our team can also support children with complex needs related to autism, motor disorders, neurological injuries or other developmental delays.

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