This camp will introduce kids to social thinking concepts to help them learn to think about others and learn key concepts to be part of a group. Crafts, discussions and games will be a key part of the group, allowing members to practice concepts with support and coaching in a fun environment. We will address key concepts such as thinking thoughts and feeling feelings, the group plan and thinking with your eyes from the Social Thinking Curriculum ©.

Great for kids who:

  • struggle in group situations or may need more support reading social cues
  • would benefit from coaching and practice within a supportive group setting
  • feel a bit overwhelmed in groups or social situations and may shy away from large groups
  • may get a bit too controlling (or even bossy) in social groups and would benefit from coaching to learn how to work together
  • want to feel more confident in social situations from family gathering, school events or even ordering or engaging in casual conversation with a server at a restaurant or grocery store clerk

NOTE: If a child requires one to one support in a learning environment the family is to arrange additional support.

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