Teen Counselling and Coaching

The teen years are a time of change. For some it can be an exciting time of finding independence (and possibly having challenges in the family as that move to independence is happening) and for others the path may be more anxiety provoking or difficult. It can be great to have someone outside of their friends or family to talk to.

Our team uses unique approaches to support teens in navigating these times. Sometimes it helps to know…

You don’t have to sit on a couch and talk (unless you want to!) We might do art, go for a walk, do some baking or even shoot hoops during a session.

We also offer online services if that works better for you.

Our teen counselling can support:

  • navigating change and transitions
  • building confidence and self esteem
  • executive functioning and independence
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • addiction
  • self harm

*please note we do not offer emergency mental health supports. If you or your loved one is in crisis please click here or call 911 for immediate support


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