Anchored Classrooms


We know that relationships build the foundation for success at school. Some students connect easily and seem to just settle in. The students that challenge the rules, seem disinterested in school or who are highly reactive can make it difficult to form and maintain these connections. This workshop will take you to the next level in reading and responding to behavior. Participants will:

  1. Learn the neuroscience of attachment and how it can impact behavior in the classroom.
  2. Work through case studies and video analysis to further develop our abilities to read subtle, non-verbal cues that impact students.
  3. Increase self awareness of our own connection style and triggers in the classroom.
  4. Develop a proactive plan to create a space in your classroom where students feel safe, demonstrate respect for others and can explore healthy risk taking.
  5. Develop a plan to manage difficult situations “in the moment.”


This workshop will be essential for those working with children who demonstrate challenging behaviour, sensory processing differences, anxiety or who may have experienced trauma.

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