Anchored Leadership

This workshop is designed for administrators, principals, leaders and management. Being an effective leader requires you to focus and be flexible, to be creative and to follow policy, to set guidelines and be responsive to your teams. It can feel like a juggling act on a great day and like you are a one person fire crew on the tough days. This workshop will explore the relationship and regulation from the most current trends in leadership and management.

We will explore key topics and challenges in the morning such as:

  • How to create a unified approach when there are differences in the core values of our teams (“old school versus new school philosophy”)
  • Dealing with increased pressures, such as funding, complex student needs, behavior challenges
  • Staff burnout, illness and leave
  • Stress and trauma in the workplace
  • Health and lifestyle risks in management
  • Increasing caregiver involvement in the school community

The afternoon will focus on caring and compassionate team building.

  • Building connected teams – a proactive approach (hint: it isn’t from the top down!)
  • Simple self care for all school team members
  • How to have difficult conversations when things aren’t going well
  • Facilitating change for long term success

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