Sensational Kids

October 19, 2021 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

$30 per person or $40 per family

  • Do you know a child who is constantly on the move or seems to have the “wiggles”?
  • Or a kid who hates the feeling of seams in their socks or tags in their shirts?
  • Maybe you know a child who gets overwhelmed in busy or noisy settings making it difficult to enjoy birthday parties or shopping in large stores?
  • Do you love a child who is “so picky” that you have started to feel like a restaurant trying to find something they like?
  • Are you an adult who wants to better understand and know how to support that child?

It can be exhausting for caregivers who want desperately to support their child but feel ill equipped to handle the meltdowns. When it seems the regular parenting strategies just don’t seem to work anymore…we understand and we can help.

In this session, we will explore sensory processing and its effect on children’s behavior. Come prepared for many enlightening moments and true connection with other parents. We will also discuss specific strategies and supports to help make you and your child’s life easier and your home more peaceful.

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