Sensational Students

  • Do you know a student who is constantly on the move and “just can’t sit still”?
  • Or a student who is highly sensitive and bothered by the smallest change in the routine?
  • Maybe you know a child who covers their ears when the bell rings or can’t tolerate the feeling of glue or paint on their hands?
  • Are you looking for ways to motivate a student who avoids physical activity and seems clumsy in comparison to his peers?
  • Are you a teacher, assistant or care provider who wants to better understand and know how to support that child at school? 


In this full day session, we will explore sensory processing and its effect on children’s learning, retention and social development. Come prepared for many enlightening and inspiring moments. We will share many real life examples of our experiences in classrooms with humour and compassion. We will also discuss specific strategies and supports you can use in your schools to inspire all students.

This program can be adapted to meet different grade levels.

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