Trauma Informed Classrooms


It is essential that educators, assistants, therapists and caregivers understand how trauma impacts brain development and the corresponding outcomes on behavior, learning and social relationships. Participants will:

  1. Explore the prevalence and the types of trauma in our communities.
  2. Learn how we can create supportive school cultures that meet the unique needs of our staff and students.
  3. Understand how trauma can affect both staff and students physically, mentally and emotionally.
  4. Learn preventative strategies to build resilience.
  5. Learn strategies to support students and staff who have experienced traumatic situations.


Kari is a mass of compassionate, caring knowledge. I love her approach and attitude.”
– Youth Home school support staff

“Kari’s sessions are so practical. Love your enthusiasm and sense of humour. I love that you had an excellent level of knowledge and were able to answer questions well.”
– Grade 2 teacher

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